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Appliance Service Kolkata


Appliance Service Kolkata is your one-stop solution for all issues associated with LED TV Repairing. Television can get expensive if the technician can’t locate the exact problem and find out the correct solution. Avoid all hassles by consulting the best-led tv repair technician. At Cyborg services, we provide quality TV repairing service at an affordable price. Our skilled Television Repair Engineers can fix problems quickly and easily.

We routinely fix all LED TV issues like the defraused picturepanel check bar, weak or poor contrast in the picture, sparking pictureless and distorted sound, no light but sound okstuck in standby mode or deadvolume up or down not functioning etc. We can even fix panel damage due to water. Yes, we can solve it all.

Confused about whether we can fix that old piece of junk that’s been sitting around in a corner of your house for years? What about that unfixable idiot box that other so-called ‘experts’ couldn’t fix? You bet we can. That’s what we do because we are the best-LED TV repair service center in Kolkata.

Don’t want to fix your television because it “costs too much”? Don’t worry we’ve got your back. Experience true value for money and services that get the job done. We are a trusted name for LCD, LED, and  SmartTV Repairing in Kolkata.

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